Winter gloves

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Winter gloves

Gloves are one of the most important cycling equipment during winter cycling. Winter gloves are usually made of warm materials, which can effectively block cold wind and low temperatures from damaging the hands. 

Compared to breathable gloves in summer, winter gloves provide more comfort and warmth, making your cycling experience more enjoyable. So, in order to protect your fingers from freezing, it is indeed necessary to 

wear comfortable and warm gloves during winter.

The first thing to bear in mind when choosing winter motorcycle gloves is that they insulate against the cold and water, but also that this doesn’t compromise the feel we have with the motorcycle’s controls.

It’s no use having warm hands if we’re then imprecise whilst riding and we put our safety at risk. Also, generally, this type of glove must have a long cuff and should integrate a waterproof membrane as well as a thermal lining.

Winter gloves for the motorcycle are the heavy artillery. Waterproof and provided with a thick thermal lining to keep the hands warm for as long as possible. This way you prevent tingling and you keep control of the engine even in winter conditions.

【Waterproof & Windproof 】Outdoor motorcycle gloves provide good protection from wind and rain/snow,help keep your hands warm and dry when you are riding in cold or wet weather.

【Knuckle & Hands Protection】Motorcycle protective gloves have carbon fiber knuckle protectors on the backs,anti-slip patches on the palm side.Extra padding around the knuckles offers protection for 

your hands should an unforeseen event occur,like a fall and bike go down.

【Touch Screen Function】The index finger on the glove contains special fiber,works with all touch screen devices.You can use the smart phone without taking gloves off.
【Multi Purpose】The unisex adult design is suitable for almost all motorcyclists,bikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.In motorbike racing,riding ATV,mountainbiking,climbing,hiking,dirt bike,wild adventure,skiing,shoveling snow.
【Flexible & Washable】The motocross gloves provide a lot of finger mobility and do not feel cumbersome.Straps on the wrist area can be manipulated, you can hang your gloves on a backpack or motorbike.

If you ride your motorcycle all year round, a good set of winter motorcycle gloves is indispensable. Good winter motorcycle gloves can be worn from -5 to 15 degrees. Warm motorcycle gloves are always provided with a breathable, 

waterproof membrane and a thermal lining that ensures that your hands remain at the right temperature for as long as possible.