How to choose a pair of affordable and suitable riding gloves for yourself!

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First of all, we need to consider when to use it. Some people are professional cycling enthusiasts, who have a higher pursuit of all equipment. Others are outdoor riding, and such requirements are relatively high. Of course, the most common is daily riding. For daily riding, how should we choose?

1. close hands

Some gloves are the wrong size. Too big will cause the glove to not completely wrap the fingers, feel the hand shaking back and forth inside, and feel that there is no grip when refueling. If it is too small, it will hinder the flow of blood. After a long time, the hand will become numb and cold due to poor blood circulation! Actually: Gloves are the same as helmets. The ones that don't fit in smoothly are suitable. "Difficult to get in and out, but comfortable to get in" is the standard! Therefore, when choosing a suitable pair of riding gloves, you must first ensure that your hands fit together!

2. Abrasion resistance

Abrasion resistance is another key point. When the car is crashed, the friction strength between the hands and the ground is almost the same as directly placing the hands on the grinding wheel sander. But for daily riding, we mainly consider the friction between the palm and the fueler. Try to choose gloves with soft palms and backs.

3. Softness

When buying riding gloves, you must first ensure that the key parts of the gloves have protective gear. The role of the protective gear is to absorb the impact when you crash, especially the fingers and palms!

But some gloves sacrifice softness while providing protective gear. When you consider the safety of riding gloves, you must also ensure that the gloves are soft, otherwise you will not use a lot of effort when you continue to increase and decrease the accelerator and the brake clutch while riding! If your gloves are too stiff, it will make your hands tired, and riding for a long time will make you feel powerless and extremely depressed!

4. Cost-effective

The price of riding gloves is dazzling! From 10$ to 200$ are available! For the current technology, a pair of 10-30$ for ordinary riding can basically meet your own needs. If you are a professional rider, of course you need to define it separately.

5. Brand recommendation

The most expensive ones will choose A star, Dennis, or FOX.

Chinese brands still recommend MADBIKE. Such a brand has a long history. The owner was born as a professional glove maker. Every year he has new ideas and concepts for gloves. Think about him!